Transforming Communities

In 1965, there were 42 million people living in poverty in the US. Today, we have 40 million people living in poverty. Despite the efforts of the last 50 years, poverty remains largely unchanged. We need to do more…

We can start by focusing on the most impoverished areas of our country by creating opportunities for long-term careers and transforming the infrastructure of these communities, so that in combination, they can support and produce thriving, self-sustaining ecosystems. This is what we envision with Project Astra.

Project Astra is a national infrastructure and workforce investment with the goal of eliminating poverty in America. The three pillars that comprise this proposal are Rebuilding, Economic Revival, and Wealth Creation – efforts geared toward transforming disadvantaged communities into areas of economic prosperity. At the heart of Project Astra is the National Workforce Hiring Plan (NWHP), which focuses on strategic hiring for construction projects and providing long-term careers for residents of Astra Zones.

These elements are all designed to work in concert to build a nation free of poverty. We invite you to join us in this movement.



To transform these communities, efforts need to be initially directed towards rebuilding infrastructure in these Astra Zones. This massive rebuilding effort will present job opportunities in the construction industry, and to attain the greatest impact, measures need to be implemented to ensure hiring is focused on the individuals that need the help the most. 


Economic Revival

Rebuilding infrastructure is just the start. In order to effect permanent change in these impoverished communities, we need to focus on creating long-term economic viability. This can be achieved by offering businesses incentives to operate in these Astra Zones and by providing local residents with a path to home ownership.

wealth creation

Wealth Creation

A self-sustaining community is one that affords its members the opportunity to build wealth, providing them the means to break free of the reactionary decisions that once handcuffed them. Tax incentives will turn borrowers into savers and investors, while allowing businesses to create jobs and further contribute to the local economy.